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February 6, 2013


Back in June of 2012, we had some good news! Approximately 60 bison with pure genetic genes going back to the 1800’s were sequestered away for five years to make sure their health was in peak condition.

Soon after that, the bison were moved to Montana to help Montanta landowners live with free-roaming bison outside Yellowstone National Park. Defenders of Wildlife is helping out with reinforced fencing – reimbursing landowners for 50% of costs up to $1000 per landowner – to keep bison out of gardens and landscaped yards.

Bison often travel beyond the park boundaries in search of food (as do wolves), particularly during harsh winters with deep snow. Until recently, bison were hazed back inside the park, shot on sight or shipped to slaughter houses. But in the last couple of years, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (THUMBS UP!!!) and state and federal agencies have agreed to let bison roam beyond the park boundaries.

Additional changes may soon create year-round bison habitat outside the park, but only if landowners agree to share their space. Stronger fencing is one way every one can co-exist. We ask South Dakota Senator, John Thune if he had anything to do with all of this? If so, then you are a hero!

Cindy Hicks-Orth
Giving Back To Wounded Knee Foundation, Inc.

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