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February 6, 2013


Beloved Yellowstone Park Wolf 832f was shot and killed this December, 2012. She was the most beautiful alpha pack female of the Lamar canyou and one of the most popular attractions at Yellowstone National Park. Her bloody body became just the latest Yellowstone wolf to be needlessly killed – and just outside the park borders.

As many of you already know, the Wolf is the symbol of this foundation due to their closeness and admiration by the Native Americans. The wolf body count continued to rise in the West. Hunters have killed 258 wolves in Idaho. Montana and Wyoming since late August, recording known to spend time within Yellowstone National Park. Five of them wearing tracking collars. Though no hunting is allowed within the park, wolves often step over the DNA Park Officials “boundry line” ( like they could read) in search of food and mates. Once out they are no longer protected. In early December, the beloved alpha female of the Lamar Canyon pack (#832F) (I like to call her Dagmar), was shot 16 miles east of the park. she was a ‘famous’ visisble wolf, currently being filmed by cinematographer Bob Landis, who has produced many films for Nature and National Geographic programs.

Defenders of Wildlife filed a lawsuit in November to challenge the ‘premature’ de-listing of wolves in Wyoming, arguing that the Interior (?) Department illegally stripped wolves from the Endangered Species Act protections and is allowing the state to treat wolves as unwanted vermin across the majority of the state, including the National Forests!!!The Yellowstone wolves are some of the most intensely studied wild animals on this planet. For years, scientists have monitored wolf activity under conditions where humans were not the same threat to human survival. Now it appears these wolves, recently re-introduced into the Park will face the same risks as wolves elsewhere in the Rockies.

She was big, she was beautiful. She was such a powerful hunter that she was once observed bringing down a full grown elk all by herself! This Alpha Felmale, 832F, known as “6” for the year she was born. She spent the majority of ther time in the Yellowstone National Park and was the mother to many litters of pups and a favorite of the “wolf watchers” who visit the park to gaze in awe and admiration at these magnificent gray wolves from the Lamar Canyon Park.Wildlife Management (?) plans in states such as Idaho, Wyoming and Montana have killed at least 650 wolves in these states working aggressively to rally the public against such senseless killing. Defenders of Wildlife is also attempting to ensure the creation of strong, science -based wildlife management policies.

Recently, under pressure from Defenders of Wildlife and other groups, the state of Montana has temporarily stopped allowing wolves to be hunted in most park border areas. But it’s only a matter of measure…

In the long term, wolves like Dagmar (#832F), and all of American very much loved wolves, can only be safe when sound, science-based wildlife plans and policies are in the place that treat wolves not as vermin but as critical parts of their ecosystems — not to mention wild creatures LOVED BY MILLIONS OF AMERICANS OF ALL RACES. The enemies are the extension of a people who were wiling to exterminate whatever obstacles lay in the path of their objective. Attrition is the whites own methodology.

The wolf: teacher, leader, and family devoted, who problem solves and endures persistently to protect and provide. Even the males puppy sit the pups while the mother is out looking for food!

There is an answer and it is not by the bullet, the sub machine gun, or the arrow.

Cindy Hicks-Orth
Giving Back To Wounded Knee Foundation, Inc.

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