Giving Back to Wounded Knee Foundation

October 21, 2013


We wanted to update you on our latest trip to the Rosebud Sicangu Lakota Reservation in South Dakota, October 6-12, 2013.  We had a nice caravan of cars, trucks, trailers, vans and box truck carting the many items donated to us by so many generous donors.

A quick snapshot of what we had included the following:

  • Six sets of twin bed mattresses, box springs, and bed frames in excellent condition,
  • Over 100 formal gowns for spring proms,
  • Dozens of warm coats for men, women, and children,
  • Many new shoes and boots,
  • Comforters, pillows, bedsheet sets,  and bath towels,
  • Warm sweaters of all sizes,
  • School supplies and stuffed animals for the little ones,
  • Dozens of pairs of new socks and underclothing,
  • A large screen TV donated to the veterans on the reservation,
  • An enamel woodburning stove from Finland,
  • A wrought iron patio/dining room table with eight chairs,
  • Dressers, mirrors, side tables, comfy chairs for relaxing,
  • A kerosene stove,
  • Another dining room table and chairs,
  • A 27″ Sony TV,
  • A multitude of clothing items (many new)  for men, women, and children,
  • And, an especially nice selection of beautiful warm coats and jackets for men.

Of course, we had much more than can be remembered here. Unfortunately, we had no sleeping bags this season, which we will concentrate on for our 2014 trip to the Pine Ridge, also in South Dakota.

Midweek found 3 feet of snow in the Black Hills and the last day we had 70 mph straight winds and rain, but the weather for the Giveaway was sunny and mild so it was a good day for lots of people to get out and come to inspect our collection and take what they needed.


Several hundred came through our doors at the Barry Greenstein Gymnasium and as usual, when we opened the doors at 8:45 a.m., the room was quite bare by noon. We have noted that those folks who have health issues or problems getting out come later when the supply of items is at its lowest, and we feel badly about this. This is not the first time that we have noted that this has happened and will get this sorted out by next year’s trip.

We thank you all, and appreciate the help from President Cyril Scott of the Rosebud Sioux Reservation, his Administrative Assistant, Wilma Robertson, and Teddy Rae Herman-Rogers, her beautiful daughters and friend Raechel Rae Herman and Ariana Herman-Waln and Dawn Rae Waln, in helping us find the space and assistance we needed for the event. And to Mr. Joseph Standing Bear Schranz and Janet Sevilla of Midwest SOARRING Foundation who helped us with so many beautiful donations of goods at their September Harvest Pow Wow. I have never done so much inspecting and folding in my life!


Others whose efforts made our trip such a success include Frank and Carol Jackowiak,  Suki Nax, Herb Orth, Greta Brower, Charles Williams, Ms. Arleigh Smyrnois, The Phil Bosma Family, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Anderson,  Pat and Dave Riegel, Mrs. Cheryl Arra Gatto, and Joe Chulpsa. Each either joined us on the trip to South Dakota, and/or contributed their time to loading the trucks, sorting and packing boxes, and in many cases purchasing and donating many of the items for the Give Away. For those who joined up with us ~ whom we could not have brought this off this year, our deepest thanks for making this trip so really very special.

It was wonderful getting to know some new people interested in our endeavor with the same passion we have. We hope and pray you will join us again and welcome more folks on board for the future. For those who have traveled with us in the past, we missed you and we hope you can join us again in 2014. For those who traveled with us in our recent adventure, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your generosities. Please don’t make this trip your last one! And spread the word! We always need more help in all ways mentioned!

We wish to thank ALL who generously donated impeccable goods and clothing, time and money to keep making these trips to Pine Ridge and Rosebud, South Dakota happen successfully, year after year. We coul_ITPbedding-6825-cropd NOT do this without you ~ in fact, we need more volunteers to help us bring off what has become a “looked forward to” expedition and function. The joy we receive in being able to expedite these big loads of goods to folks who may need them were received in the same spirit ~ we found many warm smiles, thank you’s, and God’s Blessings our way from the Rosebud citizens who trekked out and took advantage of our supplies ~ which we love to hear and love to help as well. View photos from the 2013 Give Away.

Wopila tanka! Wokan Tanka Kici Un! (Many thanks and May God Bless! ~ Lakota)

Cindy Hicks-Orth
Giving Back To Wounded Knee Foundation, Inc.

Email: for more information about our not-for-profit foundation!

For remarks  from those who joined us in our October, 2013 trip, stay tuned to our next news post!



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