Giving Back to Wounded Knee Foundation

January 6, 2012


Cindy Hicks-Orth, Director of Giving Back To Wounded Knee Foundation was moved to tears of joy and praise for the successful effort made by Mark Terman, Director of Principal Gifts, and supporters at Michigan State University to provide 303 huggable stuffed animals,  136 hats and scarfs,  120 mittens, and 125 neck warmers to the children of the Oglala Sioux and Rosebud Sioux Tribes in South Dakota.

To everyone who participated in “Operation Teddy Bear” Cindy wrote,

I cannot tell you how much these little kids are going to short circuit when they see these teddy bears arrive, plus the other items as well.  And over 200 teddy bears?  That is HUGE.  I think that actually puts us half way to our goal of 1,000!  Our garage, of course, is where we are storing the items we receive and this whole delivery is going to be magnificent!  Do you realize what you have done here?  You have brought Christmas to little kids who automatically know they are not due to receive anything. Their eyes will be the size of teacups!!!

Mark, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.  You, your staff,  and your supporters really took this ball and ran with it. I am so glad, especially at this time of year.  You have been a blessing to me and a thousand little ones out on the rez.”

Many thanks and God Bless You in Lakota.

Cindy Hicks-Orth
Giving Back To Wounded Knee Foundation, Inc.

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